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Born and raised in New Castle, Pa

I started Dj'ing in the mid 90's

After working at various venues in my hometown I needed to take my passion for music and entertaining to the next level 

so I moved to Las Vegas in 2008.

Throughout my eight year venture in Las Vegas, I advanced my career to include Dj'ing with music videos.

I was very fortunate to work along side some of the greatest DJs in the industry, which was truly an amazing experience for me. 

The only downfall was missing my family and friends and being a part of their lives, resulting in my move back home in 2016.

I am currently back in action in and around my hometown of New Castle, Pa Dj'ing at Bars, Clubs and Special Events.

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DjMYK Entertainment Specialist

New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States

(724) 714-4140



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